February Newsletter

Volunteer Spotlight

For February 2021, the Board has decided to give English 1 on 1’s volunteer shoutout to Julianna! In October of last year, Julianna began volunteering with E1O1 as the Instagram Content Creator. Since then, she has created multiple posts and stories on the account and has grown our organization’s social media outreach tremendously! Furthermore, she collaborated with other members of the Media/Outreach Committee and reached out to three organizations to get students for English 1 on 1. Throughout December and January, Julianna was working to set up connections with a 30+ organizations event in February. The event will hopefully expand E1O1’s platform and inform other local non-profits about our organization’s purpose and goals.

Managing an organization’s Instagram account is not easy. In the three months she has worked with us, Julianna has increased our account’s followers to over 240 and reached out to other organizations with a similar purpose to E1O1’s to gain more volunteers, students, and followers. Not to mention that Julianna has maintained exceptional activity on the account, posting multiple visually appealing slides and pictures numerous times every week. Her contributions and work towards benefitting our organization are greatly appreciated by the Board and all our volunteers.

Our volunteers’ dedication is what keeps our organization running, and we could not do what we do without them. The Board could not be more grateful for their efforts. We are optimistic and excited for what the new year has to bring for English 1 on 1.

Where We Are At

English 1 on 1 has made strides during the past few months. In October, we held our first fundraiser! Our fun-filled main attraction, Jeopardy, resulted in a high audience turn-out and 100 dollars raised--all of which will go to helping our students.

Speaking of students, we partnered with the Kakuma Vocational center. The reliable clientele base we built with them provided us with 22 new students this past year. We are happy to be helping more bright minds--in fact, congratulations are in order...Two of our students graduated this month! We cannot wait to see all they accomplish in the future. Our teachers witness brilliance in each student.

To best enhance this brilliance, we updated our lessons to provide a tailored learning experience to students around the globe. Thanks to all the students that gave us feedback for this change!

Expansion has seen similar progress. This year, we gained 33 amazing new volunteers and expanded our Volunteer, Media & Outreach, and Event Committees. We honed in on outreach by partnering with Youth Helping Youth Seattle, a locally based organization that has a large high-school volunteer audience base.

Our podcasts have been released as well, prolific with episodes featuring professional guest speakers in the nonprofit industry to provide insights. Along with our podcasts, Media & Outreach team’s exceptional work has grown our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

After our performance in 2020, we held an annual meeting where we set goals for the future and reflected on volunteer accomplishments. We look forward to what 2021 will bring to English 1 on 1!

English 1 on 1 has made immense progress throughout the past months. In October, we held our first fundraiser which was a smashing success! We had a super fun Jeopardy which prompted us to raise about 100 dollars that we can now put towards helping improve learning for our refugees. Through the course of this year we were able to expand and gained 33 amazing new volunteers. This helped to expand our Volunteer, Outreach, Social Media, and Event committee. Not only that, we were able to increase our outreach and assemble a team by partnering with Youth Helping Youth Seattle as well as the Kakuma Vocational center, through which we have built a clientele base, allowing us to gain 22 new students this past year. Our podcasts have been released as well, with many episodes featuring experienced advocates and guest speakers to provide exceptional insights. This was thanks in part to our social media team, which works diligently to grow our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Additionally, based on thoughts from our students, we have updated and expanded our lessons to provide a tailored learning experience to students around the globe. Two of our students who maintained a strong grasp of English graduated, to everyone’s joy and congratulations. After our performance in 2020, we held a focused annual meeting where we set goals for the future, some of which we have already been able to accomplish thanks to you, as well as our volunteers’ support and dedication. We look forward to what 2021 will bring to English 1 on 1!

Words of the Month




- A day of festivity or recreation when no work is done.


- Spend a holiday in a specific place.

December is the month of holidays. Depending on their religions, people celebrate days like

Christmas or Hanukkah. Oh, and don’t forget about the New Year! In previous years, people

would gather with their families, enjoy a nice meal, and celebrate as the clock turns to 12:00.

This year has been a bit different, though. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many families

have been separated, with mine being one of them. However, we must look on the bright side and congratulate ourselves for making it through such a challenging year. Happy new year everyone, and here’s to an amazing 2021!




- The act or process of improving something.

I believe this word sums up what all of us hope 2021 can bring: betterment. January, the first

month of a year, a fresh new start. When I hear the word January, I think of new beginnings, and new expectations, and I believe that’s what most people think of, too. In order to make 2021 better, we need to find joy in our lives. A good way to do so is to try something new – make a new friend, find a new hobby, or try a new sport. There are so many things in life, big or small, that can make us happy - all we need to do is to find them. So, what are you going to try this


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