Mariam Kazmi

Executive Director, Founder (Board Member)

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Hi, my name is Mariam Kazmi, and I am proud to be the founder and executive director of English 1 on 1. I founded this organization to help others improve their communication skills in the United States as I love helping people find success in their lives. When I am not spending my time doing community service, you can find me reading or writing novels. I participate in debate and speech competitions as well. I love to bake chocolate cakes, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate pies, and anything else that's made with chocolate and sugar...yes, I have quite the sweet tooth. 

My dream is for English 1 on 1 to find success in its ultimate goal: helping others. 

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Nikki Taleghani

Director, Founder (Board Member)

 Hi my name is Nikki Taleghani, and I am the director and co-founder of English 1 on 1. I have been a part of this amazing mission since the very beginning. I helped to create this organization because of my love for helping others and community service. Some fun facts about me are that I love to read and write. I love competing in speech and debate tournaments and devote a lot of my time to community service and helping others.

The future here at English 1 on 1 is bright as we are constantly expanding and helping more people.  

Sritha Chavali

Vice President (Board Member)

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Hello, I'm Sritha Chavali, and I am the Vice President of English 1 on 1. I have taken interest in this because I know how tough it can be without much knowledge of the language that we need to use in our day to day lives. In my free time, I love tennis as a singles player and I can work with doubles while being shooting guard in basketball and striker for soccer I love reading romcom novels and can endure sci-fi sometimes I love binge watching shows on Netflix and having Bollywood movie marathons 

I’m really excited to be apart of this team and nonprofit org!

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Neha Mahesh


(Board Member)

 Hi, my name is Neha Mahesh and I am the secretary of English 1 on 1. I love to do my part for the community and I am excited to work with this team to help students from diverse backgrounds learn to speak English. I truly enjoy helping others and community service and activism is one of my passions. In my free time, I love to read and write as well as compete in speech and debate tournaments.

I am happy to be able to help this organization make the biggest impact possible  and I know that we will be able to help many more students in the future.

Valerie Cobb


(Board Member)

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 Hi! My name is Valerie Cobb, and I am the treasurer for English 1 on 1.  I became the treasurer of this organization because knowing how to communicate with the people around you is a valuable skill to have, and I would like to help others learn how in any way possible. In my spare time, I like to play basketball, play trombone, hang out with others, and explore new things. I hope to some day pursue a degree in aerospace engineering and work for NASA to launch the next big spacecraft to our unknown universe.

My ultimate mission for English 1 on 1 is for the organization to positively impact the lives of many, and to see our students achieve great things. 

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Rishi Cherian

Volunteer Coordinator. President of Volunteer Committee

(Board Member)

Hello! My name is Rishi Cherian and I am the Coordinator here at English 1 on 1. I joined this organization to give back to my community and help others. Work here also comes with a sense of fulfillment and it is a rewarding opportunity to help people across the world learn English. Being able to have a positive impact on a community is something that I strive to do so being able to do that in this organization is very gratifying. In my spare time, I enjoy playing piano and clarinet, as well as participating in speech and debate or Model UN.

Through working with English 1 on 1 I hope to positively benefit as many people as possible and expand our organization to teach English to the students that need it.

Neha Dubhashi

Outreach Committee Representative, President of the Outreach Committee

(Board Member)

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Hi! I'm Neha Dubhashi. English 1 on 1 lets me explore my writing and teaching passions by providing effective lessons, along with giving me a chance to connect students around the globe through outreach. When not working, I research weird cancer mutations, deliver passionate orations in Speech and Debate, and practice for my sports seasons. I also write stories of magical lore, prophecies, and adventure. Keep on the lookout for my debut novel, Silver-Tongued Vipers!

In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to join our literacy cause. 

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