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November Newsletter


It has been a few months since we posted an update on our Newsletter, but we are excited to share the many achievements that we have experienced during this time! First, many new posts have been published on Instagram by our incredible Social Media Team. We recently started a series in which we introduce the team behind English 1 on 1. Informational posts about Dia de Los Muertos and Basic Idioms have also gone up for your viewing. Please support us on social media by following us and liking/commenting on our posts!

Our Volunteer Committee also welcomed many new volunteers! At the moment, English 1 on 1 is open for new volunteer applications. We are specifically looking for more Teachers, Lesson Creators, and Podcast Content Creators. If you are interested in joining the team, please fill out this form to apply. We look forward to receiving your application!

English 1 on 1 reached out to many new students in the past few months. We partnered with a nonprofit organization in Pakistan called Pehli Kiran schools where our teachers will be taking on members of their organization as students. We are excited to see where this partnership leads and will keep you updated! If you or someone else you know would like to take conversational English lessons from English 1 on 1, please email

Finally, we are so excited to announce that English 1 on 1 had its first in-person fundraiser this past September. We invited a food truck to the event and had many baked goods available for purchase. Thanks to our generous donors and event attendees, we collected about $700.00 from the Ice-Dough Fundraiser! If you would like to donate through our GoFundMe, please do so here. We are so thankful for the support and are excited for future English 1 on 1 events! Check our website and social media to stay updated!

Volunteer Spotlight

Our November 2021 volunteer shoutout goes to Edward! Edward is English 1 on 1’s first YouTube Content Creator and has helped massively in growing English 1 on 1’s base via social media. Edward joined E1O1 with substantial experience in video production and graphic design and was able to apply that to creating videos for our YouTube channel and lessons. From writing the script, to animating them, editing them, and then narrating them, Edward invests multiple hours for the benefit of the organization. The videos are tailored to include vocabulary from each lesson, so that our students can gain a thorough understanding on how the words they’re studying are used in everyday conversation. The videos are also posted to our channel so anyone else can learn from them.

In the past ten months, Edward has created around ten videos on various grammar and vocabulary sets including, bedroom, grocery store, and airport vocabulary. He has also created a promotional video for English 1 on 1 that we have posted on our website and other social media accounts. A volunteer in the Media/Outreach Committee, Edward has also assisted in growing English 1 on 1’s base and presence locally and internationally, through partnerships with other organizations. These partnerships have helped us gain more volunteers and students, and we can’t thank Edward enough for all his hard work!

English 1 on 1 could not thrive at its current level if it wasn’t for the ongoing support of our volunteers and donors like you! We are deeply appreciative of every hour that our volunteers dedicate to our organization and are so excited to see what we can accomplish this Fall!

Word of the Month




  • The action of spending funds

  • An amount of money spent

Holiday season is approaching, and as we all know, this is the time of the year when people spend the most amount of money, and they have good reasons to do so. Holiday season creates a huge demand for gifts, but more importantly, this is when businesses have their largest sales of the year.

Research has shown that US retail sales from November to December 2020 totaled $789.4 billion, and in 2020, holiday shopping accounted for 19.5% of total annual retail income.

With that being said, what is the first thing you will be buying when prices drop? Besides shopping, what else do you enjoy about the holiday season?

Crossword Puzzle Review Game


- Complete the crossword puzzle by filling out every box.

- Read the numbered clues to figure out what word goes with that clue.

- Each completed row/column should form a word that matches the clue.

- Answers will be revealed next month!

- Have fun!

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1 Comment

haseeb ahmad
haseeb ahmad
Nov 29, 2021

Amazing progress, was eagerly waiting for the updates. Thank you for posting! 😊

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