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June Newsletter


We have accomplished so much in the past two months! First, we have started campaigning through Google Ads, and it is helping our organization grow. More individuals throughout the world are now able to access English 1 on 1’s free conversational English lessons as they are advertised to the web. Additionally, we have new content up on our Instagaram, including an announcement of our monthly newsletter and an informational post covering the relationship between healthcare and the language barrier. Please take a look at these new additions here and make sure to like, comment, and share! We have been able to expand our social media outreach and are hoping to make more connections in this way.

Furthermore, English 1 on 1 has been connecting with organizations directly to inform potential students of our lessons. For example, we have reached out to Pehli Kiran Schools in Islamabad, Pakistan, where we will soon begin teaching their teachers. It is mandatory for schools in Pakistan to teach in English, but many teachers cannot speak the language. This is an issue English 1 on 1 hopes to approach in our collaboration with Pehli Kiran Schools. Also, Portland, Oregon-based People-Places-Things is an organization dedicated to providing free English lessons to refugees and immigrants in the community and training ESL teachers. We are hoping that our own teachers here at English 1 on 1 will undergo this training and be paired with students from the waiting list at People-Places-Things.

Finally, we have consistently been uploading videos to our YouTube channel. Check out our new zoo, airport, and health videos here! Please comment and like the videos if you can!

Volunteer Of the Month:

Our June volunteer shoutout goes to Anvika! A teacher since last year, Anvika has made an incredibly beneficial impact on her student’s learning throughout her time at English 1 on 1. We appreciate the patience she demonstrates during lessons to make sure that her student has a holistic understanding of the content. Anvika puts in a significant amount of effort when it comes to writing report cards, which helps her student understand their areas of growth and also updates the Board on the progress of her student. Anvika is very consistent in her attendance at volunteer committee meetings and teacher 1-on-1s, and we appreciate her ability to communicate effectively with us via email. Her attendance has also given the Board insightful feedback on areas of improvement in E1O1.

If that wasn’t enough, Anvika recently accepted a position on the English 1 on 1 Board of Directors. She will be our new secretary starting in July. As we are filling new positions on the Board, we value Anvika’s dedication to E1O1 shown by her willingness to take on new roles. Her role as secretary will consist of recording and submitting board meeting minutes to the state and managing resignations of volunteers. Balancing two roles can be difficult, especially for a high school student, but we are so thankful to have someone as talented as Anvika on the Board!

As we near one year since the expansion of English 1 on 1, we are amazed at the progress our volunteers and students have made. We thank them for their confidence in our organization and how much they have benefitted it. Over the summer and into the start of the next academic year we cannot wait to see what English 1 on 1 can accomplish!

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