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November Newsletter

Volunteer Spotlight:

English 1 on 1’s first volunteer shoutout goes to Martin! Martin, a teacher and lesson planner, worked diligently with his student every week, simultaneously assisting Neha Mahesh, our Event Committee President, in planning and organizing English 1 on 1’s January fundraiser.

He has also provided valuable input. During English 1 on 1’s first teacher 1-on-1s in late October, Martin gave us the idea of setting up a group chat for our volunteers for quick reminders and information. Since we followed up on his suggestion, collaboration between our volunteers has increased.

Martin, along with other teachers, informed the Board that lessons were becoming too easy for students and helped implement new, advanced lessons for them. Our lessons now include reading and article analysis, along with more emphasis on pronunciation and comprehension.

We are so proud of Martin and all of our volunteers. Each volunteer's efforts contribute to gradually breaking the language barrier. Whether it be creating lessons or managing E1O1’s social media accounts, the Board could not be more thankful for everything our volunteers accomplish.

What We Accomplished in November:

In November, English 1 on 1 began its expansion of the Media and Outreach Committee. Led by Neha Dubhashi, we recruited volunteers to manage English 1 on 1's Instagram and Twitter account. These volunteers have exhibited their graphic design skills in creating posts about E1O1 events, volunteer openings, and advocacy. We recruited two YouTube Content Creators, Edward Zhao and Thania Barcenas, to create high-quality lesson videos, and a content creator, Ayush Kulkarni, to manage English 1 on 1’s website. Through adding animations, linking videos, and showcasing our lessons, he has revamped our website.

The Media & Outreach Committee held its first committee meeting in November and discussed future outreach plans, including reaching out to local organizations and school districts to increase expansion.

Our other committees have accomplished much as well.

Led by Neha Mahesh, our Event Committee recruited our first event planner, Martin Li. The two have been working to plan English 1 on 1's January Fundraiser and reaching out to local politicians to speak at the fundraiser.

Next up, our Volunteer Committee hit 25 members. Lesson creators began making advanced lessons for more proficient students. Our teachers have been doing an excellent job of administering lessons and quizzes, as well as filling out report cards.

We hit significant milestones in our Volunteer Committee and finished opening our organization’s bank account with our Treasurer and Finance Committee President, Valerie Cobb. She and our co-President, Mariam Kazmi, finished setting up English 1 on 1’s bank account to store proceeds from our October "Jeopardy! Fundraiser."

A final shout out to all of our volunteers for their hard work! English 1 on 1 will continue our work in December.

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