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The Refugee Language Project

Their Goals

The Refugee Language Project is a non-profit organization based in western Texas dedicated to teaching English to refugees while simultaneously building a caring community among them. They offer several programs to remove the significant and detrimental language barrier that most refugees have in the US. By removing the language and cultural barrier between refugees and local residents, they hope to vastly improve how refugees feel about adapting to their new environment, feel safe, and most importantly be more successful.

Similarities with English 1 on 1

Just like the Refugee Language Project, English 1 on 1 exists to serve the same purpose of teaching refugees in Washington State English through online lessons. We love to see that so many organizations are dedicated to the same cause as we are.

Helpful Links


Instagram: @refugeelanguageproject


Refugee Action

What Do They Do?

Refugee Action is a UK based independent national charity which was founded in 1981. They serve refugees and asylum seekers in the UK by providing advice and support, while also campaigning for fairer refugee policies in Britain. Some of their services include:

  • Help and advice

  • Support for refugees and asylum seekers struggling with poverty and homelessness

  • Refugee resettlement

  • Partnership with other organizations

Just like English 1 on 1, Refugee action is always more than willing to collaborate and work with other similar organizations that share their same vision. This vision being that they want every person who arrives in the UK, searching for a better and safer life, to have a fair chance at achieving this dream.

The Refugee Crisis During the COVID pandemic

Several developing countries which house the most refugees worldwide such as Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Nicaragua are experiencing unprecedented amounts of new coronavirus cases on a daily basis. Unfortunately this trend has not slowed down in the past year or so when the virus first began to spread around the globe. Refugees and other displaced people are often living in less than ideal conditions in their host countries, leading to widespread sickness being a common problem.

Donation and Contact Information

Refugee Action has several methods of contact listed on their website at the following link:

While Refugee Action does not directly accept donations, there are many ways of supporting them listed here:

Refugee One

What Do They Do?

Refuge One is an agency based in Chicago, Illinois which aims to help new refugees and immigrants of all backgrounds settle into their new location. They serve over 2,500 people and assist them into becoming self-dependent members of their communities. Some of their services include:

  • Resettlement Assistance

  • Workforce Development

  • Wellness Programs

  • Immigrant Youth Programs

  • Immigration Assistance

Refugee One, much like our own organization, believes that being able to use English is the best and most important skill for new Americans to have as soon as they can. During COVID their organization has had to cancel all in-person gatherings and classes until further notice, although their staff is doing all they can to remotely help families in these difficult times.

Recently the agency has been using their ‘Sewing Studio’ to teach sewing skills to several refugee women who are now using these newfound skills to give back to their community by sewing cloth-masks.

Donation and Contact Information

5705 N Lincoln

Chicago, IL 60659

p: (773) 989-5647

f: (773) 989-0484

United We Dream

Who Are They?

The UWD (United We Dream) organization makes it their responsibility to create safe spaces for young people- irrespective of their immigration status- and help them with achieving their goals. Their organization comprises of 400,000 individuals from all walks of life with 5 statewide branches, and over100 local groups across 28 states.

UWD does many things including organizing social movements, helping the LGBTQ immigrant youth, educating, and helps combat the often unfair deportation system. Their ‘guiding principles’ are the following:

  • People most affected are at the forefront

  • Being democratic and accountable

  • Invest in leadership development, training, and mentoring

  • Create a loving community

  • Empower the whole person

  • Committed to nonviolence

  • We are part of a global community

  • Our stories are power

The organization seeks to embody these principles in every decision they make and action they take to ensure a safer country for documented and undocumented immigrant youth.

Donation and Contact Information:


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